Ready to go from ZERO to LAUNCH of your first profitable online product?

Even if you have no idea what it should be or how to do it!

Do you believe that if you could just figure out how to combine your current skills and knowledge with what you really enjoy doing, and monetize it through digital products or programs you'd be on cloud nine?

You've probably seen just how many people seem to be doing just that and "crushing it online", making a lot of money, seemingly effortlessly. But when push comes to shove, they can't actually show you HOW to DO it yourself.

We don't want you to waste another moment of your valuable time with fluff that gets you nowhere. That's why we put together a crystal clear blueprint that shows you exactly what it takes to build a successful online business. 

WE Mastermind is a three month intensive coaching and virtual training program, designed to take you from zero to launch of your first product or service with a mastermind group of members to support you all the way. Sound like exactly what you need?

 Step on up to join our WE Mastermind program starting September 1st.

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Tennille Hopper

Before joining WE Mastermind I had a hard time taking action in my business. I had studied a lot about online marketing and knew the basics of what I should be doing but I just never implemented. WE Mastermind has given me the guidance, tools and accountability that has been key in helping me to stop getting in my own way. As part of the WE Mastermind program I have been able to redesign and relaunch my new website, I've doubled my monthly income and increased my email list by 600%. Joining the WE Mastermind program was the smartest decision I ever made for my business.

Tennille Hopper,

Natalie S and Natalie M

So who the heck are we to tell you this? Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Natalie Squared (Natalie Sisson and Natalie MacNeil), founders of the WE Mastermind Program and trailblazers for women in business.

We are also founders of the highly popular blogs The Suitcase Entrepreneur and award-winning She Takes On The World.

We have both pushed through the fear of having no real idea of what we could do. By taking action, applying principles of success, and mastering what it takes to launch products and services online, we learned how to make money and help others do the same.

And you know what? We are just like you. We had a desire to go into business for ourselves so we could be our own boss, have more flexibility, and earn more money.

We thought that by working harder and longer hours, that eventually all that would pay off into a thriving business. Instead we were left with a never-ending to-do lists, more stress, and dreams that was slipping away from us.

The truth is, we were lying to ourselves. We weren't living on purpose, and we weren't waking up juiced every day to do work that fuelled us and made an impact in people’s lives.

We found a better way. A way that earned us more money for less hours worked, gave us the freedom we craved, and helped us fall in love with what we do again.

We walk our talk and between us we have:

  • Created profitable online businesses that allow us to work from anywhere
  • Launched and sold tens of thousands of dollars' worth of products and programs with tiny marketing budgets
  • Built collective tribes of over 100,000 engaged women entrepreneurs through our lists and social media platforms
  • Both written and published No #1 Bestselling books on Amazon
  • Spoken at business events on: social media, mastering online business, brand building, and making a huge impact on the world through entrepreneurship
  • Been featured in and contributed to major media publications like Glamour, People StyleWatch, Mashable, Inc., Forbes, ProBlogger, and Huffington Post
  • Met and interviewed some of the most successful women in business today, like Arianna Huffington, Barbara Corcoran, and Ali Brown
  • Travelled the world while building our businesses (we've been to over 100 countries between us!)
  • Won an Emmy Award for creating a digital masterpiece; and won two major pitch competitions to secure a $100K round of angel investment (Natalie MacNeil)
  • Cycled 6,500km across Africa raising $12,500 for Women Win and ran a 121% funded Kickstarter campaign for the Suitcase Entrepreneur book (Natalie Sisson)

We've found our sweet spots and we want to help you find yours.

Your sweet spot is the intersection between what you already know, what you're really good at, and what you love doing. It’s what you jump out of bed for in the morning and stay up for late at night.

Do you know how fantastic it feels when you know you’re doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do, and people pay you for it?

WE do. WE think you know deep down that’s what you want to be doing too. You just have to believe that you can, because we already know you’re more than capable of building a business and life you love.

Forget about the past and don't focus on why you haven’t made it yet. Instead, get in the present moment and look to all the incredible opportunities the future holds for you.

Making money online and launching profitable products and services isn't a pipe dream; it’s a reality for more people now than ever.

When in the history of the world, have you been able to start and build a business for less than a $100 investment?

There is no better time than NOW for YOU to capitalize on the huge growth opportunities given to us by the internet, social media, amazing online tools, and world-sourcing.

That’s why we put our passion behind WE Mastermind.

You don't have to be incredibly smart or tech savvy to do this either. You don’t need to be a natural born marketer, and you certainly don’t need to be a guru or expert to make real money and create a beautiful business.

It doesn't matter if you’re an introvert, or you suck at selling, or you have no real idea what you're actually good at. This is your time.

None of these things matter IF you’re prepared to commit to learning and applying the principles of building an online business.

Stick with us and we will show you how to:

  • Learn the importance of a million dollar mindset to succeed in business and life
  • Discover the most profitable niche for your passion, knowledge, and expertise
  • Understand the art of a lucrative product launch using a step-by-step launch formula
  • Maximise the use of SEO, social media, and tools to build a platform from which to launch
  • Build a powerhouse affiliate team to double your reach and revenue
  • Take your business success to the next level through the power of mastermind groups
  • Gain a lifestyle where freedom is paramount and making money comes naturally

WE Mastermind is your roadmap to rockin' it

We knew that we had to create something out-of-this-world extraordinary for you to play a bigger game in life and actually achieve the level of success you deserve and desire.

So this is exactly what we've done with WE Mastermind. This is not just another membership program, and it’s not a get rich quick scheme either.

We are changing the world with WE Mastermind—one dream business at a time.

This three month online program is designed to ensure you go from zero to launch of your own product or service, and build the foundation of a profitable online business.

Most programs offering to do something similar are missing one key ingredient — the mastermind component.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and The Laws of Success is emphatic about the importance of a Mastermind in the accomplishment of nearly every major milestone.

A mastermind is two or more people in alignment with your intentions—so imagine having five other people on your team, a strategic alliance and advisory board, all supporting you in creating your dream business.

With all that energy, purpose and desire driving you forward, there’s no way your dream won’t become your reality.

Your team will hold you to taking those small, but crucial steps that are part of having a lucrative launch and a million dollar mindset.

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What Is Included In WE Mastermind?

We are serious about this movement of entrepreneurs rocking the online business world. Are you? Are you ready? If "Yes," then listen up!

WE Mastermind starts on September 1st 2013 and WE are completely committed to your success.

We're holding NOTHING back in these 12 modules. 

Module 1:
Setting Yourself Up For a Million Dollar Mindset

  • Develop your million dollar mindset mantras, and set audacious goals
  • A killer routine to keep your mind focused on succeeding
  • The importance of masterminds for your business success
  • Investment versus Payout: What you can expect to make and how much you need to get started

Module 2:
Choosing Your Perfect Product Niche

  • What a niche market is, and why you need one to rock online
  • Find your sweet spot between what you know, what you’re good at, and what you love
  • Choose and narrow your niche to develop laser-like focus on your end goal
  • The 3 biggest online niches to capitalize on right now

Module 3:
Discovering the Right Type of Product to Launch

  • The 3 categories of products and services you can launch online today
  • Information products versus services—delving into what works best for you

Module 4:
The WE Mastermind Lucrative Launch Blueprint

  • A step-by-step product launch blueprint and checklist for a lucrative launch
  • What life is really like in the few days leading up to a product launch—no sugar coating!
  • Managing a product launch budget that keeps growing beyond your means
  • Staying motivated and on track when the going gets tough

Module 5:
Creating a Killer Web Presence

  • The top tools to transform your website into a powerful ecommerce platform
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make with their websites
  • Your 5 website “must haves” to ensure your visitors stick around and BUY
  • The best WordPress themes to ensure you stand out and design tips and tricks for any budget

Module 6:
DIY Social Media Sales and Marketing

  • The best social media sites and strategies to find and attract your niche market
  • How to set up advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads, and StumbleUpon
  • Customizing your profiles and adding applications for maximum visibility
  • Reaching out to key influencers and getting the results you want

Module 7:
Rallying a Dream Team to Sell Your Product

  • How to attract affiliates, and build your own virtual sales team
  • Present an attractive offer that motivates your affiliates to sell for you
  • How to approach your ideal affiliates

Module 8:
Keyword Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

  • How to do keyword research and why it’s critical for your launch
  • SEO secrets you can implement yourself
  • Tools for finding the perfect keywords to attract your ideal customers
  • How to prepare content that drives search engine traffic to your site

Module 9:
Powerful List Building and Newsletter Marketing

  • Why the money really is in your email list
  • The best online tools you can use to send out emails and launch campaigns
  • Sure-fire ways to get people to opt-in to your list and stay engaged
  • How to create remarkable content and email campaigns that increase sales

Module 10:
Getting Comfortable With Making More Money

  • Use the Painted Picture to achieve the financial success you deserve
  • Paying yourself what you’re worth and pricing your products and services right from the get-go
  • Getting a handle on your financial picture, and how much your ideal lifestyle will cost
  • What you can do with your hard earned money to make a big difference in the lives of others

Module 11:
Tools & Technology to Streamline Your Business

  • How to stay organized during a launch with the right online tools to streamline your efforts
  • Building and managing a power team to ensure a smooth and successful launch
  • Our top tips for boosting productivity, increasing exposure, and working ON —not IN— your business

Module 12:
Putting it All Together

  • Shipping your product on time and on budget while staying sane
  • What you need to do right after you launch to maximise your outcome
  • How to improve on your success and do it all over again—but better

How WE Mastermind Works and What’s Included

12 Value Packed Module Training Videos

Video ModulesFor each of the 12 modules (full details listed below) you get an exclusive training video from us, released every week, where we pour out our knowledge and talk you through the key fundamentals we've learned from our businesses, so you can apply them to yours. We get to the heart of each module topic and ensure you walk away with the answers you need to take action. These videos range from 15-40 minutes; you can watch them at any time and refer back to them when needed.

12 Module Resources For Learning And Action Taking

WorkbookWe've put together 12 short, yet highly actionable workbooks—one for each of our module training videos—designed to get you moving and shaking. They are delivered to you every week, along with the videos, to ensure you have plenty of time to complete them step-by-step, focus on your priorities, maximise your valuable time, and build a solid platform from which to launch over the next 3 months. What’s more, you get the audio recording of our video and a written transcript for every single module so you can choose the method that works best for you.

Private Access To Our Facebook Mastermind Group

ForumNot only do you get direct access to us every day, but you also receive exclusive access to our members Facebook Mastermind group to collaborate with your amazing peers, get instant feedback on your ideas, chart your progress, and receive support and accountability so you do what you say you will! Plus it’s a great place for brainstorming and sharing your knowledge. Think of it as your pre-launch testing ground.

Audio Recordings of Every Business Coaching Call

RecordingsIf you join the full program you'll have access to 12 high-energy coaching call RECORDINGS from this year's earlier program to recap on the fundamentals of every module and the answers we shared to members questions that you'll likely have too. These calls were power-packed with advice, knowledge and step by step methods to give you the tools, resources, insight, and direction you need to move forward with confidence. Our coaching and guidance will help you take the next action steps to get you on track to a successful launch. We know you lead a busy and demanding lifestyle so you will receive a recording of every WE Mastermind call from our program earlier this year. You can either listen to it right from the web page just by clicking "PLAY," or you can download the MP3 file to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player.

Written Summary Notes of Each And Every Call

SummarySome people learn better from reading a summary review than listening to a live call or recording. We totally understand that we each have different learning styles. So after  along with the recorded coaching calls, you also get the essential notes in PDF format that you can print out and write on when listening to the recording. We've made it super easy for you to learn the way YOU like to learn.

Exclusive Resources for Members Only

ResourcesFrom the minute you sign-up, you will have access to a resource directory of go-to people and services you will want on your launch team, as well as key tools we recommend and use to run our own launches. This includes our recommendations for copywriters, web designers, video animators, sales page designers, and more. Several of these resources come with member only discounts we've organized to help you get up and running for less.

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime MembershipAs WE Mastermind grows to impact thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe—and more content, resources and experts are added—the price will naturally go up to reflect our investment. If you join today, you will have lifetime access to repeat this program again and again, and for as long as you want to belong to our community. No extra payments. No strings attached.

Hear what two of our members have to say!

Go from Zero to Launched with WE Mastermind

This program is for you if you want to launch your first product or service (or relaunch an existing product or program and actually make money this time-around).

Our goal is to ensure you play a bigger game and do what you were put on this earth to do. Your time for doing that is now. Seriously. There is no better time to start an online business and launch products and services based on what YOU love to do.

We teach you to think BODACIOUSLY BIG

The blueprint we've followed, the systems we have in place, and the tools we use are the ones we're going to teach you how to use and to make work for your business. We have collectively spent tens of thousands of dollars learning from the leading experts, educating ourselves, and using trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn't.

We want to spare you from all the rigmarole we went through figuring it all out, while helping you make more money doing what you love. When you choose to invest in WE Mastermind you are choosing to invest in YOU, your business, your bottom line, your freedom.

Spend three months with us doing the work and getting your business headed to where you really want it to be. We did it and you can too.

Give YOURSELF this opportunity to finally build the lifestyle you really deserve and a thriving profitable business to boot. And we almost forgot, you will most certainly have a blast along the way!

Don’t enroll if you’re not willing to put in the work and commit to completing this program.

We don’t want tire kickers who are buying this program believing it’s a magic bullet that will automatically make them money.

If you’re just not prepared to learn and apply and be a team player with your mastermind group, then you should not consider WE Mastermind.

We only want to work with highly motivated individuals who have decided NOW is the time to step forward and change their life and their business.

Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

The biggest challenge I was facing before joining WE Mastermind was a complete lack of direction. I knew I had this great idea, but I was missing the answer to "Now What?" WE Mastermind gave me the tools to focus-in on my idea, and hone-in on a niche market. The Natalies helped lay out a plan where I could succinctly wrap my head around what needed to happen—goal setting, definitions, plans. It was wonderful. Thanks to WE Mastermind I launched a new website, separate from my original idea, I've increased traffic to The Luncheon Project by 30%, and I've created a master plan for our goals for the future. I can't thank you two enough. With WE Mastermind I started to realize that "my own thing", whatever it is, is TOTALLY POSSIBLE. And that's something I had always tossed aside, before, thinking that I just have to play into the system. But I can travel, and think, and create and do whatever I want! And I'm so excited by it.

Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean,

What is the investment?

Ask anyone who's been part of a mastermind and they'll tell you they really work. They're so powerful for people on a personal level and for propelling a business forward, that participants usually pay $5,000 upwards to be part of one.

Together we've spent three years creating and improving our training program, and over 2,000 hours preparing for each launch. We've spent thousands of dollars on building an easy-to-use membership site, creating high quality videos and online training, and making sure you get results.Natalie Squared with best selling books

In our program, you get twelve weeks' worth of coaching from not one, but two of us through our videos and recorded coaching calls that lasted up to 90 minutes and has proved invaluable for past members. Our normal coaching rates range from $500-1,000 per hour

What’s more, you get access to 12 killer modules' worth of video training where we share our knowledge and strategies that have helped us personally build our 6-figure businesses.

You also get access to our dedicated Tech Training Coaches Tennille Hopper and Sandy Sidhu, and our Community Support Manager Debi Auger, to help you with any questions or issues you’re having on the site, and in our Facebook Mastermind group.

So how much is it worth to you to have the skills, strategies and behind-the-scenes secrets in your hands, plus the foundation you need to launch your own profitable online product or service within 3 months or less?

Not only that, but you will learn the ability to know what products and services to launch, how much to charge, and the mindset to back up every move you make to build your online empire.

We've been told we should be charging at least $4,000 for this program, given the fact that people get access to not one, but two of us, in addition to our influential networks, rolodex, and 20 years of combined knowledge.

But we believe that if you are serious about launching lucrative products and developing a million dollar mindset, you shouldn't be excluded because of price.

Choose from two levels of investment.

Access to the Exclusive Members Only WE Mastermind Program Centre (priceless)
12 Module Training Videos (4 hours worth) where we share all their knowledge and business know how (value $6,000)
12 Step by Step Module Workbooks to ensure you take action that guarantees results (value $1000)
12 Killer Recorded Coaching Calls with Natalie Squared (value $18,000)
Bonus tech training module live the minute you enrol (value $197)
Bonus Interviews with real 6 and 7 figure online business builders (priceless)
Access to the Facebook Mastermind Group
Digital Only Program
Total Value
Get It For
Full Mastermind Program
Total Value
Get It For

Enrollment to the full program and retreat ends at 11:59pm PST on August 31st or when places are filled.

What happens when I click on Enroll Now?
You will be taken to a secure order form (you'll see the Suitcase Entrepreneur logo) and will be required to fill out your billing information and select PayPal to order.
You can pay by credit card or PayPal. IMPORTANT please wait for the redirect (can take up to 15 seconds) after completing your order so that you arrive at our welcome page with key details.

Need a payment plan?
Click an option below and pay in 3 easy installments. Or receive approximately 10% discount by choosing a 1x plan above.

Full Program 3 monthly payments of US$347
Digital Only 3 payments monthly payments of US$247 

Jenny Plant

Before I started WE Mastermind I kept changing my mind about which 'niche' I was going to focus on for my online business. The programme's structured modules with additional guidance from the Natalies helped me get clarity and then take the right action to make things happen. As a result, within 3 weeks of launching my site, 20 people signed up to my mailing list and I was offered a consulting contract from someone who had found my site. My only regret is that I didn't start the programme a year earlier. I could have made so much more progress.

Jenny Plant,

Plus You Get These Additional Bonuses

We want you to be completely thrilled with your investment in this unique mastermind program so we have made this a complete no brainer for you to invest in and join today as a lifetime WE Mastermind member.

DIY Tech Training Vault (value of $197)

Tech Training Vault

When we put together this WE Mastermind we already knew it was special, but we wanted to do something to really set it apart. So we have included a brand NEW training module, facilitated by our pioneer WE Mastermind members Sandy Sidhu and Tennille Hopper.

This module gets you started online by explaining the techy side of launching a website, creating a membership site, designing your sales page, and setting up an email list.

Just for joining, you get complementary access to these invaluable modules - the most asked questions by our members are now completely covered in this training!

Module 1: Hosting Decoded: Hosting setup, installing WordPress, installing themes and plugins.

Module 2: Savvy SEO: Title tags, descriptions and keywords. Using the Google Keyword Tool.

Module 3: Mail It!: Setting up your email opt-in and auto-responders.

Module 4: Setting Up Shop: Setting up e-junkie and PayPal so you can start selling products & services.

You will learn insider tips and tricks to navigate your website, blog, email opt-in, video editing, and more. Not only that, these modules are ready and waiting for you the minute you enroll, so you can get started right away.

Bonus Interviews And Resources

Building a Billion Dollar Business Through Mindset With Barbara Corcoran

Her dynamo personality and powerful business acumen has seen Barbara Corcoran, from ABC’s Shark Tank, build a billion dollar business. In this short and impactful interview she tells you why mindset was the key ingredient to her success.

Getting Your Gifts Out To The World With Firestarter Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte speaks the White Hot Truth and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to bringing out the best in us, based on our own unique gifts and authentic message. In this interview she tells you how to act on that right now.

How to Build a 6 Figure Online TV Show Platform With David Siteman Garland

David Siteman Garland has done over 300 episodes of his Rise To The Top Show, interviewing successful entrepreneurs and delving into their unique abilities while gleaning the best information. In this interview, he tells us how he’s built a multiple 6 figure business by being a Mediapreneur and without any background or expertise.

Launch Your Product Fearlessly

Anne Samoilov is the launch pro behind many successful online entrepreneurs like Laura Roeder. In this interview Anne shares her 3 rules of getting ready to launch, as well as her own experience running lucrative product launches.

How to Turn An Idea Into a Launch and Create Multiple Revenue Streams

Marianne Cantwell from Free Range Humans tells you how you can create and launch a product and multi-purpose it into several different revenue streams in no time at all. Marianne also shares how her Free Range Festival has become a sellout annual event and how you can build your own event using expert interviews.

Building a little biz and a community that rocks with Karen Gunton

Karen Gunton has built a thriving community through her humble blog beginnings at and her tribe absolutely adore her. She shares how she's done this and reveals exactly how she's created digital products from her blog and combined this with design and creative services to have her first $10,000 month!

Building an Information Product Empire With Chris Guillebeau

New York Times best-selling author and non-conformist Chris Guillebeau has built a 6-multiple figure business through writing and selling digital guides and products. In this exclusive interview he shares his early launch failures and wins, and expands on the power of writing, real marketing and pricing your products to sell-out.

Valuable Lessons in Launching Your First Product Online With Nathalie Lussier

Getting Techy With It expert and launch specialist Nathalie Lussier shares her views on what makes your first product launch experience a successful (and exciting) one.

Five Scripts to Fill Your Client Docket

She's a copywriter extraordinaire with two books being published by top publisher in 2013. Alexandra Franzen holds nothing back as she shares her strategies for selling over $250,000 of her Velocity product. Plus you’ll receive the exact scripts Alexandra has used to land huge opportunities for her business

Understanding What To Launch For Your Personality and Business Archetype

Creative Solopreneur founder Cigdem Kobu, is a natural at helping you figure out which types of products are most aligned to your personality type and business archetype. We also delve into creating the right systems to ensure your launch is a seamless process. Plus you get her Business Archetypes tool free.

Driving Traffic and Creating Outstanding Content With Corbett Barr

Real success online comes from building a solid foundation with your website, blog and online platforms. In this interview Corbett Barr shares how to create an outstanding content and marketing strategy, and become a strategic promoter for your website, products and services.

How to Approach Big Names and Build an Affiliate Team with Danielle Seville

CEO of Eyes Wide Open Life, and the strategist behind Alexis Neely’s online empire, Danielle gets into the exact steps you need to approach influencers and important people to build an affiliate team and catapult your launch results.

How to Enchance Your Expertise Through Coaching With Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile has built an a stellar reputation for herself online and offline through believing in her ability as a business coach and mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs. She shares her journey on charging what you’re worth and positioning yourself to build a thriving online business.

Winning Hearts and Minds Made Effortless

Editorial guru Matt Gartland covers writing and editing in this webinar—*building* your product (and the “message” that promotes it) in a manner that penetrates hearts and minds, resulting in loving, loyal and “contagious” customers.

The Importance of Writing Great Copy To Sell Your Product

Amy Harrison, copywriting superstar talks you through the elements of writing fabulous copy to sell yourself and your products.

You will receive instant access to Module 1 and our bonus Tech Training Module when you claim your rightful place in our program today

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back-Guarantee smlWe stand behind our program 100% and we know it gets results. So we want you to know that you can enroll in our program, and if after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with what we offer, you will get a FULL refund. That means there's no risk at all in investing in our program!

In order to qualify for this though, know that you have to complete the first four modules, attend the first four coaching calls and participate in your Mastermind Group fully. If you qualify for the refund, you will get to KEEP the additional digital bonuses listed above as our gift to you.

Giving Back

Run The WorldWe are passionate about making sure girls and women around the world have access to the same opportunities that allowed us to do what we love and start our own businesses.

That's why we are proud to partner with She's The First and their Run The World campaign this year! 5% of all profits this year will go directly towards the goal of sponsoring 100 girls from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, India, Nepal, and Guatemala.

These are girls who would otherwise be denied basic education and all the doors an education would open for them --like being able to become business owners themselves.

We’re pumped to see you power-up your potential

We are primed and ready to teach you how to create an online business that provides you with the income and lifestyle you deserve. We want you to be the powerhouse this world needs. We want you to change the world and play big.

C'mon board!

The next 3 months are going to take you on a journey of discovering what you're really worth, and just how much impact you can make by doing what you love while getting paid what you deserve.

This is the LAST time we are running WE Mastermind this year so join us before midnight PST on August 31st 2013.

We've designed our program to build on the fundamentals of a strong foundation that includes the right systems and tools to create killer information products and digital offerings. Let us be your guide in finding that sweet spot between knowledge, passion, and expertise.

So if you feel your time is now, and that you are ready to finally learn what it takes to build an online business you love, and a lifestyle you deserve, then we urge you to act now.

Here's to the best investment you've ever made in yourself.

Enroll Now!
PS These last two years have been incredibly rewarding for us, as we've witnessed past members achieve incredible growth and results by implementing all that they've learned from WE Mastermind. In leveraging the sweet spot between our tools and their talents, they've taken their businesses from zero to launch faster than we could have ever imagined.

We want the same for you.

We truly believe our WE Mastermind program is the best way possible for you to benefit from the myriad of online opportunities, while monetizing your unique abilities into lucrative products and services. The thing is, it's completely within your control to step up and make this a reality. Take it from us, success is a choice—and it's a choice you have the ability to make.

Take a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Our Members' Area

We completely transformed WE Mastermind 2013 with a new look for our membership site, a clean interface, and user-friendly navigation that makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Behind The Scenes
All the information and resources are right there for you to access at any time. WE Mastermind is optimized for smartphones and tablets too, so whatever your preference, you can go through the training at a time that's convenient for you.

Get all 12 modules, a valuable resources section (with member only discounts), bonuses, exclusive interviews, plus access to your module forums and a Facebook community.

Choose from two price tiers and a payment plan.


I was having a hard time identifying the exact steps needed to launch online. WE provided me with an outlet to bounce ideas off of and information about the key steps to take, that I was having a hard time completing on my own. I felt I may have signed up a bit too early in my business, as I didn't really know the direction I wanted to take it in, however I couldn't have been more wrong. This program pushed me to make changes to the new website I had just launched. I have gone on to create my first ever freebie – The Chocolate Brownie Challenge, stuck to a blog editorial schedule, had the courage to pitch for guest posting opportunities (and had them accepted) and more importantly figured out my target niche and my offerings. I also felt the push to connect with other Masterminders and that in and of itself has opened up so many opportunities for my business.

Daisy Hernandez,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I really launch a product or service at the end of this program?

A. There really is no reason why you shouldn't, if you follow our program and our product launch blueprint. While we do believe you need at least three months to understand the online world, and all the moving parts of a launch, in one weekend you could launch a viable product and start generating revenue.

Ultimately, we can give you all the tools, mentoring and coaching in the world, but only you can choose to take them and actually commit to launching and succeeding.

Q: What if I have no idea what to launch or I’ve got a half-finished product?

A: Many members who join WE Mastermind have absolutely no idea what to launch, although they do have an understanding of their skills and knowledge, which they combine with our coaching and advice to work through and monetize into a product or service.

If you have a half-finished project, or something you've been stalling on for way too long, then WE Mastermind will provide the momentum, strategy, and advice you need, to get you to the finish line and launch.

We want to make sure you quit being in the paralysis by analysis state and actually get your product or service shipped. So whether you’re starting fresh or wanting to get back to a project you never finished, you can apply what we teach to get it done.

Q: How much technical knowledge do I need?

A. Successfully launching digital products and services online comes down to knowledge of marketing and psychology principles, solid strategy, and systems you can implement. This is what our modules aim to cover for each topic, and where necessary, we give you step-by-step processes to do this yourself. We have also included the bonus Tech Training Vault program to get you up-and-running faster. Composed of four modules, you’ll learn the technical requirements and know-how needed to launch and run your online business.

Q: I want to join, but I don’t have a website, blog, list, or real following online. Does this matter?

A: While all these elements give you a head start when it comes to targeting an audience, or an engaged list, the truth is you will gradually build these during the three-month program. Plenty of people have launched to a list of less than 100 people and made hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, depending on their launch offering. You will be able to work with what you've got and continue to build a solid foundation from which to launch now or in your own time.

Q. How much time will I need to commit each week?

A. Plan to carve out 2-3 hours per week to fully embrace the modules, watch the video training (10-30 minutes each), or listen to the audio and complete the workbook exercises. This also includes listening to the coaching calls as well as time on the Facebook Mastermind group.

Even when life throws a curve ball at you, the modules are paced so you can keep your momentum going each and every week. You will be able to manage your time according to your life and other demands, without getting behind. We also put in a "week off" after Module 4 so you can catch up on any reading and learning.

Q. When does WE Mastermind start?

A. Enrollment runs from 25-31st August. After that, it’s closed for 2013.  The minute you join you'll get instant access to the membership site to access Module One and the Tech Training vault on sign-up (for the full program only) and our program officially starts on September 1st.

Q. What happens when I pay and enroll?

A. The minute you select your payment option you will be taken to our secure shopping cart to pay via PayPal or credit card. Once this goes through, you will be redirected to register on the WE Mastermind membership site. You will be able to login with your new details that will be sent via email. Plus you'll receive a follow up email with instructions in case you missed them!

Additionally, once you've created your username and password, you can login and start accessing Module 1 and the Tech Training Centre straight away. We suggest you read the "Start here" section for a short virtual tour of the site so you know exactly where to find resources and what to do next.

Q. How often are the modules released?

Every Sunday a new module will be released for you to access on your own time and work through. You will also be able to access the MP3 of the video, the transcript, and the workbook at the same time. Plus you can mastermind in the Facebook group at any time.

Q: How will the bonuses be delivered?

A: The Tech Training Vault program will be live the minute you join and enter the members’ area so you can get started working through the modules straight away. Bonus interviews and resources will also be available immediately, along with a list of invaluable resources, tools, and services you can use to make your launch a success.

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Before I joined WE I had a definite lack of knowledge in terms of what it takes to make it online. WE Mastermind provided me with the support and reference point for any and all questions I had. What’s more it gave me the key resources I needed, a group of like-minded women (and a few great men), awesome accountability partners, and the motivation to get me started in the right direction. In just one year of blogging I've learned the technical side to WordPress, hiring contractors on oDesk and so many things that would not have been possible with out the WE push.

Jene Hullett,

Why You Can’t Afford Not To Take Action Today

Our entire purpose right now is to help women entrepreneurs use their unique skills, talents, and passions to create 6-figure businesses they can run from anywhere on the planet.

It’s this burning desire to help you make a massive change in your life that fuels both of us to wake up every morning. We have watched our clients go from just an idea to fully believing in their purpose, and launching websites, services, and amazing products in just months.

  • WE believe it is ludicrous that more women are not killing it in this industry doing what they love and helping people create massive change in their lives.
  • WE believe the key to living your dream lifestyle is discovering the sweet spot between your knowledge, passion, and expertise, and transforming that sweet spot into profitable products and services. We’ll show you how.
  • We’re sick and tired of the BS. The people who promise "Make $362.983.98 in 53 Seconds Without Rolling Out Of Bed In The Morning… Here's Proof From The Photoshopped Image I Created…" We're so over the marketers who spend more time marketing the product than actually creating it. The red headlines and highlighter text. We’re through with that.
  • We're done with the snake oil, too. We want to work with real, honest people who are dedicated to building amazing lifestyles and creating change in the world. Not showing off the latest foreign car they rented for a day to shoot the launch video for their product.
  • WE believe women in this industry have struggles unique to them which include understanding their financial worth, planning for real growth, and building a team they can lead—not mother.
  • Oh, and we welcome men to join us in this quest. We want them to commit to growing their online empires under our guidance too!

Look At What Members Have To Say


Sporty and I had no focus or direction and no idea about how to define our niche market or who our customers were. WE Mastermind gave us a strong network and amazing support, clear and actionable steps to get us from nowhere to launching (almost a paint by numbers for the novice). WE helped us make more definitive use of social media for marketing. The program facilitated clearing a path in our vision so that we were able to produce a product and it raised our self-esteem to a level that allowed us to expose ourselves (shoot videos!) and put the product out there.

Angela Gaye Horn,


I joined WE Mastermind because I didn't know what to do with my travel blog. I'm a very good writer. I loved my blog, I wanted to monetize it and always dreamed of being a popular travel host, but I was so insecure. My pragmatic mind was also telling me that it's just not possible—there are so many travel blogs out there, no one will notice me. WE Mastermind helped me wipe out those limiting beliefs thanks to an encouraging community of aspiring entrepreneurs and regular coaching from two mentors who succeeded in providing quality online content and training that truly helped me to move forward. Since joining WE Mastermind in 2011, I launched a free e-book, built a mailing list (about 500 now and growing), guest posted and has been featured on several high profile sites, received offers for ads, increased my

traffic 400%, have written my first paid e-book. But more importantly, I'm slowly but surely owning the "solo female travel" expert in the online space.

Prime Sarmiento,


WE Mastermind is a brilliant program, which taught me every step I needed to create and design a product or service and launch it to the world. From stage one of creating a Millionaire mindset to the actual launch date, the two Natalie's gave me superb mentoring and guidance on crafting my unique presence and how to do it successfully.

Even though I was not entirely ready or at the right stage in my business to fully use the information I was learning, the great tips, tools and know-how has given me the spring board of ideas of how to incorporate the WE Mastermind course material into my business as I progress down the road of entrepreneurship.

WE Mastermind opened my eyes to what was really needed to be successful in business as the two Natalie's really brought it home that you have to have a solid foundation and a plan before you proceed. I had to step back and start again on what my ideal niche was and what I had to offer. This was a brilliant learning procedure and I had a big AHA moment for me when armed with the knowledge I got from the WE Mastermind course that allowed me to finally create my online presence and first product.

With my lifetime access to the WE Mastermind I know I can continue to take full advantage of the brilliant coaching and support you receive from the Natalies while actually implementing."

Jane Manthorpe, Holistic Health and Fitness


"I had big dreams and hopes but also lots of fear and self doubt.  I knew I wanted to create a successful online business but wasn't sure I could do it and didn't know how.  A recipe for frustration if ever there was one!  WE Mastermind was perfect for me and I didn't hesitate!

The program is value packed and set out in a logical sequence with  knowledge, coaching and support from two amazing women in the Natalies. The accountability that has been built into WE Mastermind is incredible. The regular calls and support from my fantastic accountability partner Jen have really made the difference and the gentle nudges in the right direction have been just what I needed!

Because of the We Mastermind program I have made huge leaps in my self belief and have developed that million dollar mindset.  I have had several guest posts accepted (something I was terrified of contemplating prior to the program) and am well on my way to creating that successful online business I dreamed of and in the process really making a difference in people's lives.

Don't think twice about joining WE Mastermind - you won't regret it!"

Claire Kerslake,

Lotus Kruse

I realised about a year ago that if I didn't get online and get on line seriously, then I would be left in the dust. Then WE Mastermind and Natalie Squared showed up with an invitation too good to refuse. They wanted to walk me, step by step through, what to me, was the Bermuda Triangle of online presence. They wanted to give me the information that I would need to succeed and they would do it in a way that would create a winning and inspiring environment where I didn't feel like it was me against the internet.

As potentially the most 'gifted' member of the WE Mastermind online tribe, I have been given a lot of love and encouragement to take the plethora of valuable information and apply it step by step. Every where you look there is love dipped info, encouragement, support and feedback. There are the coaching calls, the forums, emails sent out regularly to inform and excite, the modules that I have worked through to set the direction and the discipline of the process and my lovely buddy that is always there to support me in my rapid learning. Natalie Squared are cute, they care, they are cheerleaders for my success and they take time to connect.

I have launched! An average launch by the standards of some of the rock stars in our WE tribe, but nevertheless a launch within the six month time frame. More importantly though, is that I know what I need to do, understand why I need to do it and have the tools to get the job done. That is an empowering place to be for a complete right brain girl like me. In fact I can't believe I am saying this but online is fun and very creative!

If you are an entrepreneur without a marketing structure, without a strong online presence, without a tribe of smart girls around you. If you are lost in the wilderness of what the S@*t do I want to say, how am I going to launch it and where are my clients then you need The Natalies on your bus.

Lotus Kruse,

Jen Brown

A complete disaster is the only way I can begin to describe the launch of my first online program. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Which is why I knew I had to join the WE Mastermind program created by Natalie MacNeil & Natalie Sisson. WE Mastermind gave me a step-by-step blueprint through the entire process with the ongoing support, advice & encouragement from two successful & generous women throughout the entire journey.

By the end of the program, not only had I launched a new online program but I achieved sales from around the world!

Natalie Squared, and WE Mastermind, quite simply rocks!

Jen Brown,


I joined WE Mastermind because I wanted my own business. I had lots of ideas but did not know where to start. The first challenge I had to overcome was how to start a business. From a previous job, I knew how to run a business but extremely little about how to create one. My other challenge was confidence. I KNOW I am smart and have brilliant ideas but how do I get others to know that. This program gave me an outline to follow; I just had to fill it in with my plans and ideas. I received TONS of support from the other members and both Natalies. I also learned how powerful and beneficial goal setting and accountability partners are.

The biggest point I took away from WE Mastermind is you need more than a brilliant idea to start a business. It is necessary to identify your ideal client and figure out how your idea can solve their problem. Thanks to the extraordinary training I am leaving this program with a rock solid foundation to build my business upon. The foundation is just as, if not more valuable than the idea itself. I will be launching later this year and will be so ready when I do thanks to the Natalies!

Sara Wagers


I joined WE Mastermind last fall after following both Natalie Sisson and Natalie MacNeil for some time online. I had looked at several different online courses over the years but what really stuck out for me was the built-in accountability component that I hadn't seen elsewhere. And this turned out to be an amazing experience and incredible motivator that helped me move forward with my ideas, stay accountable and make huge progress towards my goals.

With WEmastermind you are not just left to follow an online course by yourself but rather are joining an aweseome community of driven, supportive and action-taking women."

Sandy Sidhu, SidekickPM

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